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What is the Just Approve Discount Coupon for?

The Just Approve discount coupon is an opportunity to save on your Just Approve purchase.  By using one of the updated Just Approve coupons you receive discounts on the total purchase amount plus you can earn free shipping in addition to several products on sale.

How to get Just Approve Discount Coupon?

In Oferta Ideal you will find the best Just Approve Discount Coupons to save on your next purchase. The Just Approve Coupon is updated every day to guarantee the best offers, promotions and discounts. Just click on your favorite coupon, copy the code and paste it into the shopping cart. Some coupons don’t even need a code, just click the “Get Discount” button and you’re done!

How to use the Just Approve Discount Coupon?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to use the Just Approve discount coupon and save!

  1. Access the Ideal Offer platform  whenever you want
  2. Use the search bar to find Just Approve
  3. In the list of coupons, choose the one you like best and click on “View Coupon” cupom de desconto uninove
  4. Right after click on “Copy Code” or “Get Discount”
  5. When accessing Just Approve, add the desired products to the cart normally
  6. Finally, on the cart page, or checkout, apply your Discount Coupon, some coupons already have a discount on the link and there is no need to paste any code

How to choose the best Just Approve Coupon?

In our Just Approve discount coupon list you will have Just Approve free shipping coupon, discount in value or percentage. In addition to products and / or services on sale for a limited time. Just select the Just Approve coupon you like best and use it on the Just Approve official website

Is Just Approve reliable? Is it safe to buy?

Yea! Just Approve is a serious and reliable platform! The customer is supported by several channels such as e-mail or telephone. Purchases made at Just Approve are also guaranteed.


The Just Approve is a clothing brand, created by influencer Léo Picon – well known for his image, particularly because it has been named “drops” in the magazine Capricho – along with Cacá Parra and her friend Tata Estaniecki, in 2012, with the idea of ​​creating clothes that convey a creative and fun personality. In the same year, the brand launched its first collection, which was marketed via e-commerce, and from this moment, along with the strong and constant publicity, the store began to expand rapidly. Currently, Léo Picon is the sole owner of Approve , having bought part of its partners, and owns the hamburger shop Luz, Câmara, Burgue r; the Galleria Bar and the production company Rol Filmes, in addition to further promoting its brand by partnering with other companies and also with renowned artists, such as its partnership with Romulo DC to customize pieces.

With a mostly young audience, the brand, in addition to already having its founders known among influencers , has many celebrities who are passionate about their clothes, such as Neymar Jr., Maju Trindade and Lucas Lucco .


The concept of the Approve brand revolves around what the name already suggests: approving yourself, being unique, transmitting good energy and getting rid of social standards that prevent you from getting along with yourself. The elaboration of her pieces as a genderless fashion , little seen at the time, is one of the outstanding characteristics of the store, and what made her leverage her success, in addition to the limited production of the pieces, which makes exclusivity something very attractive. for the consumer. The brand, which initially had only a few varieties of t-shirts, currently features a wide variety of products, such as underwear, accessories, jackets, croppeds, shorts and more! In addition, its platform offers a quick and easy search for its consumers, grouping its pieces into categories and collections, which helps a lot when choosing.

In addition to the digital platform, in 2019, in partnership with the agency LabOf , Approve inaugurates a concept store located in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo, with the idea of ​​selling customized pieces by the artist Romulo Deu Cria, in order to create inspiring concepts and pure expression, in addition to selling clothes from the Approve catalog .


The store offers free shipping for purchases over R $ 300 for the South and Southeast regions, above R $ 400 for the Northeast and Midwest regions and for the North region, shipping is free on purchases over R $ 500. The delivery time will vary from place to place, with an average of 7 to 15 days, taking into account that, after confirmation of payment, the store takes an average of 3 to 5 days to prepare the product and prepare the package for sending

To track your order, simply access the link that will be sent to you by email, or via the website itself, which will provide the tracking link provided by the Post Office. Stay tuned, review your address and all your registration details, if delivery is not possible, or the Mail has made three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package will return to the Approve distribution center , which will not be responsible for reshipping Therefore, the consumer must bear the freight again.


Before making your purchase, carefully check the available payment methods. The store offers payment via bank slip, credit card and bank transfer. In the event of a request for the refund of values ​​for any damage that the product presents, the same will be done in the same method as the payment was made, however, this service will only be validated after the assessment of the company’s Distribution Center team, no values ​​will be returned for products with obvious signs of use.


Something very common for consumers who use e-commerce is, especially when it comes to clothes, having to change some parts because it doesn’t fit, or it didn’t fit very well. The Just Approve offers exchange service, provided it is requested within 7 days after the customer has received the product, just fill out a form and soon after, the service team will send all the guidelines to proceed with the posting of the product the post office. With everything completed, the store will provide credit for exchanges or refund the amount.

In case of return for defects in the product, the store has a 30-day guarantee for any problems, after the deadline, the customer should contact for further clarification. To finalize the return process, the product must be sent to the store for evaluation, and after being authorized, the customer may request an exchange or refund. 


When browsing the store’s catalog, you will find pieces for all tastes, thinking about it, the Ideal Offer platform offers coupons for you to dress in an alternative way and save money! To use them just follow the guidelines:

To take full advantage of these resources, you must register on the Just Approve website first. At the end of your registration, select the products you want, adding them to the cart and after the purchase is complete, follow these steps:

  1. Select the cart icon and review the products you have chosen, checking the colors and sizes very well;
  2. Review your shipping address and select your payment method;
  3. On the Ideal Offer website, access the area dedicated to the Just Approve store , a list of available coupons will appear, select the one you like best and enter SEE COUPON ;
  4. Click on COPY CODE or GET DISCOUNT ;
  5. Go back to the cart and enter the promotional code in the indicated location and select APPLY ;
  6. Some coupons can automatically calculate the discount, so you don’t need to enter the code.

Check the availability of the coupons presented, paying attention to the percentages, dates, type of service and whether or not the product has limited stock! 

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